about meeeeee!!!!

hiiiiii call me lee or ace or cringe!! (yes im serious about the cringe part.)

18 yr old trans aro(?)ace(?) he/him who loves fictional girls (r u keeping up here) but especally my gf sayori ^_^ literally love her soooooooo much she literally made me the person i am now. or something

v v mentally ill in case u couldn't tell by literally everything else here. I have diagnossed adhd and depression!! woo

im a danganronpa zero escape aitsf yttd enjoyer who is currently obsessed with fortnite. for some reason

4 anime its jojo 4 + 6 + 8 saiki k mp100 dr stone for me!!

im honored you checked out my page!! and found this one out in the first place.. big tasty fans unite.

chao for now,
Lee :]